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About Us

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The Northfield Pharmacy was first opened in 1854 by Dr. George Nichols and was known as the "Old Corner Drugstore". It was then sold 44 years later to George Sanborn in 1898. It was renamed "Sanborn's Drugstore" and passed on to Sanborn's son, Max. It was later sold to George Hedges, the current owner-Jill Donahue's- father, in 1949, and was renamed again "Hedge's Drugstore". Alan Noble bought it around 1973 and changed the name once more to the Northfield Pharmacy. Noble then sold it to Jill Donahue, the current owner, in 1979.

Jill began working here when she was ten for her father, George Hedges, and has been here for 48 years. Jill has been responsible for expanding and remodeling the pharmacy into its current form today, and also for integrating and accepting the advent of the computer and its technology.

The Northfield Pharmacy is affiliated with Healthmart Pharmacy, a franchise program of independently owned pharmacies, through our wholesale supplier-McKesson Drug Company. Our association with Healthmart allows us to provide large chain pharmacy care, with a personalized, hometown touch.

Meet our staff


Jill Donahue RPh

Jill has worked at the Northfield Pharmacy since she was ten years old. She received her degree from the University of Rhode Island in 1978 . Jill married her grade school sweetheart and has two grown sons who are 7th generation Vermonters. She is an avid gardener, as one could see from a visit to her beautiful farm. Jill has raised bees, meat goats, chickens, and beef cattle. She makes delicious jams and jellies. Jill is a real Vermont farmer, in addition to being a wonderful pharmacist.


Kristin Brewer RPh

Kristin is from upstate New York. She and her husband attended Albany College of Pharmacy where they graduated in 1998. It was hard to find two satisfying pharmacist jobs in one location. They were both able to do that in Vermont. Kristin is a talented quilter. She often takes classes and is always learning new techniques and sharing them with us. Kristin was a lifeguard at Waterslide World in Lake George during her high school summers, and her picture could be found on their billboard until they closed in 2019!

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